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Q.1 Your First Question Should be What is Market Prophecy..?

Ans. We are a financial consultancy firm from India, Linked in Astrology Advisory.

Q.2 Why Astrology ? Is there any relation between Astrology and Trading ?

Ans. Astrology is a science of planetary movements which effect every human kind! right? When Astrology effects on every humans sentiment then Astrology also have it's effect on financial fluctuations Because Trading Movements Depend on Human Buy/Sell orders and those orders comes from Mind Sentiments situations.

Q.3 Which is best concept to trade in markets - Astrology or Technical Analysis ?

Ans. Do you know Major financial institutions use astrology in their investment decisions because Astrology indicators indicates Future of markets in advance even we can predict up or down trend for next 10,20 or 100 years, which is not possible with Technical analysis because Analysis works on present situations.

Q.4 Do we use Technical Analysis In our Prediction Methods ?

Ans. Yes! but we use Numerological Levels To Define Resistance & Support because We have to be different from others because 90% lose money due to those old concepts and Numerology keep us away from those 90% traders.

Q.5 How We Can Trust on Market Prophecy?( Most Common Question) . We Need 2 Days Trial

Ans. This is most common question but we have a most unique answer for this which is as follow - No Trial - yes - No Trial. because we regularly publish our free articles for Major financial markets like India, Commodity Tips Spot and Currency on our website on proper Time. So you can judge our forecast with open eyes until you not get confident on us.

Q.6 Do You Provide Services With Complete Target & Stop loss

Ans. Yes, we will give you complete guidance until our position not gets over.

Q.7 What kind of Calls or Prediction you Provide - Intraday Tips or Short term?

Ans. We provide both kind of services with high accuracy & dedication as we use Numerological concepts for Intraday and Planetary situations for Short term to Long term.

Q.8 Do you provide live SMS on mobile?

Ans. No, we don't provide live SMS as we use astrology concept which are able to guide us in advance so that we can give you complete market report in advance before market timing. so you can place all your strategy and orders easily.

Q.9 What kind of Forecast you provide ?

And. We are working in Stock Intraday Tips, Commodity tips, Currency and Agro market forecast with genuine accuracy.

Q.10 I'm from outside of India.Can i access your services?

Ans. Yes, you can access our services easily. Because we already serving customers worldwide in over 3 Continents.

Q.11 How much Return minimum i can expect from these calls in a month ?

Ans. Well this is not fixed because it's depend on in which market you are trading and on which time. because some times our call do numerous work but on an average you can expect 30--55% return each month.

Q.12 Do You Provide Live Market Support ?

Ans. Yes, we Do. and you can call us or Mail anytime during or after market timing. Overseas customers can contact us through messenger or Mail.

Q.13 OK ! I want to Join How i can .??

Ans. You can make payment through Net banking, Cash payment or Through Demand Draft and Debit Card.

Q.14 How much the time it will take to begin my account after payment confirmation?

Ans. Generally it takes maximum 2 working hours to begin your account.

Q.15 OK I want to join . Now What I have to do ?

Ans. Call us on 08441836823 or Mail us at Help@marketprophecy.in>

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